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5 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Here are a few things that could be detrimental to the selling of your house:

  1. Not pricing your house according to the current market: check what similar houses have been sold for lately in your neighborhood. Trying to sell too low or too high may put you in a tough spot.

  2. Not making your house ready: your house needs to be presentable. Paint, make any fixes or renovations needed that will help you sell it.

  3. Not being available to show your house: real estate is a moment's notice business. Have the house and yourself prepared to allow people to come see it.

  4. Not considering offers outside of your asking price: be prepared to negotiate a little.

  5. Not working with professionals: not impossible, but working with the right people will most likely get you the results you want. Choose the right team to be on your side.

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