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Best Reasons to Live in Rosslyn Virginia

There are many reasons to call this Northern Virginia city home:

1. Very close to DC but more affordable living for young professionals that are starting to build their life. Rosslyn is situated across from DC and is separated by the Potomac River, which is a quick metro ride away.

2. Rosslyn is a business hub. It is home to dozens of top companies such as Nestle, Deloitte, Rosetta Stone, and more. In addition, it houses more than a thousand businesses and a large community of professionals.

3. Commute is a breeze as some major highways from DC lead to Rosslyn. You have access to three Metro lines to take you anywhere in the DMV.

4. It is full of dining options with more coming every day. Rosslyn wins when it comes to restaurants and variety!

5. It has large parks and family friendly sites, such as Dark Star Park, Freedom Park,
large sandbox, and Gateway Park. Notable sites to also check out are: Theodore Roosevelt Island, the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial and the Netherlands Carillon.

6. It has over 160 events available throughout the year. From parks to cultural events, Rosslyn is a vibrant place. Click here to see upcoming events.

7. It is public transportation friendly, and offers lots of cycling and jogging trails.

Thinking of moving to Rosslyn? Reach out to me to talk about your options.

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